Standard Cartridge Seals

VTX Single Seals

CE0035 Certification
EC 1935/2004 Certification
CE Certification
Mechanical Seals

VTX Single Seals

Product Description

  • Single seal configuration
  • Balanced design
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Cartridge construction
Item No. Description
1 Seal face
2,5,7 O-Ring
3 Spring
4 Seat
6 Shaft sleeve
8 Drive collar
9 Set screw
10 Snap ring
11 Cover
12 Assembly fixture
13 HSH Cap Screw

CTX seals with modified cover for eccentric screw pumps.
Example Pumps: Seepex BN, Netzsch NM...S, NM...B, NE (P), Allweiler AE, AEB, AED, Robbins & Myers / Moyno 2000 CC, and Mono E-Range.

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Sealmatic Seals
Sealmatic Seals
Sealmatic Seals