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Sealmatic's management and employees take active participation in establishing and supporting Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy and procedures. By maintaining compliance with applicable EHS laws and regulations Sealmatic strives to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of its employees and others affected by its business operations.

Each and every Sealmatic seal is the result of numerous steps involving raw material procurement and thus processing the same in various production steps. Manufacturing high-quality sealing systems is all down to exceptional precision, which in turn calls for exact, consistent compliance with the strictest of production standards. Sealmatic has consistently invested in state-of-the-art machinery for delivering world class products to its customers.

Quality is always a priority at Sealmatic. In response to the growing needs of our customers, Sealmatic's management is committed to the investment and implementation of various international standards on Quality as well as Environmental Management Systems.

Featured Products

Cartridge Seals are factory assembled. They are balanced seals and are independent of direction of rotation. These seals give flexibility to cover more application with lesser inventory, which means maintenance is simplified, downtime reduced, plant operating efficiency increased and cost reduced


Mechanical Seals of BR series find applications with medias containing solids and are mainly employed in power plants (Fuel Gas Desulphurization units) and are also very effective in the paper industry.


Mechanical Seals of the SBF family have been specially developed for the use in heavy duty applications for boiler feed pumps, water injection pumps, booster pumps etc.


Mechanical Seals of the URD range are specially developed for all kinds of mixers, drivers, mills, reactors etc... involving sticky & viscous or dry media.


Semi Split Mechanical Seals for water turbines, chest agitators, cooling water pumps etc... accomodating insufficient clearance for ease in installation and maintenance


Mechanical Seals of BJ920N series are designed for media containing solids or with high viscosity for industries such as sugar, paper, sewage, waste water etc...