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Flume Water Pump

A flume is a channel for water, in the form of an open declined gravity chute whose walls are raised above the surrounding terrain, in contrast to a trench or ditch. Flumes route water from a diversion dam or weir to a desired material collection location, it is specially shaped and engineered structures employed to measure the flow of water in open channels. 

Seal Type: UG100/43

Media Washing Agents
RPM 2900
Temperature 1400 C
Pressure 12 Bar

Juice Circulating Pump

Seal Type:BJ977GN/53

Media Sugar Juice
RPM 3200
Temperature 1200 C
Pressure 16 Bar

Thick Juice Pump

Juice pumps are basically employed for pumping juice from the collection tank into containers where the juice is further processed or where it is collected between different processing steps, juice pumps are available as a stand-alone pump or integrated with juice collection tanks.

Seal Type: BJ977GN/43

Media 75% Sugar Content Juice
RPM 2900
Temperature 1650 C
Pressure 14 Bar

Mash Pump

Mash pump is designed to transport fruit mash from the mill to the press. It will delicately transfer the mash as it is pumped without great pressure and therefore keeps it intact.

Seal Type: UG100/38

Media Sugar Juice
RPM 3250
Temperature 1400 C
Pressure 8 Bar

Worm Type Agitator

Seal Type: UR-D/110

Media 45% Sugar Granules
RPM 750
Temperature 1450 C
Pressure 8 Bar


Sugar campaigns are over in a relatively short time. For optimum economy and ecology it is all the more important, therefore to have a reliable sealing systems. In the past it was normal for juice pumps to be equipped with double seals to cope with the tendency to crystallization and carbonation. Today the use of single seals is possible in most of the cases due to availability of modern materials and new seal compartment geometries.