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Multiphase Technology

Multiphase pumps are typically employed for the process flow in Oil & Gas Industries. In essence, the multiphase pump can also accommodate all fluid stream properties with one piece of the equipment which has a smaller footprint. Multiphase pumping applications, also referred to as tri-phase application, have been growing during the past several years, especially due to increased oil drilling activity. 

Seal Type: SBV/90

Media Multiphase mixture, gas-70%
RPM 1400
Temperature 750 C
Pressure 65 Bar

Main Oil Export Pump

Seal Type: BFV-D/125

Media Crude Oil
RPM 3200
Temperature 850 C
Pressure 63 Bar

Water Injection Pump

The water injection pump unit consists of a booster pump stage and two high-speed injection pump stages, driven by a common driver over a spacer coupling and a gearbox. The water injection pump and the consequent step-up gearbox are built as an integrated unit with combined bearings for gearbox output and pump shafts. The HP impellers are directly fitted on the output shafts, with a light interference fit and two symmetrical keyways.

Seal Type: BH/65

Media Oil Platform
RPM 11750
Temperature NA
Pressure 205 bar(g) Discharge Pressure


Adverse environmental conditions, high rotational speed and pressure levels as well as corrosive media constituents place demanding requirements on sealing technology used in the offshore production and subsequent conveyance of oil and gas. Not only that but in many cases highly abrasive mixtures of crude oil, water, gas and sand cause a high degree of wear. Sealmatic has proven itself with its heavy-duty mechanical seals with innovative and tailor made seal components with high-strength seal faces , guaranteeing longer service life even in highly stressed pumps.