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About the Company

Adverse environmental conditions, high rotational speed and pressure levels place demanding requirements on sealing technology employed in the process industry. Sealmatic has proven itself with its heavy-duty mechanical seals with innovative and tailor made sealing solutions guaranteeing longer service.

Our legacy of 30 years has driven us constantly to grow with the challenging needs of superior sealing technology. Our engineering specialists at Sealmatic are experienced in application know how and trouble shooting. With the collective experience of many years we at Sealmatic work towards meeting global standards of operation

Sealing Technology

Sealmatic designs and manufactures mechanical seals and associated products mainly for the oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertiliser, power, mining, pulp & paper, aerospace, marine and many more industrial applications. With a wide range of products and services, Sealmatic has solutions for every sealing requirement – such as Pusher Seals, Standard Cartridge Seals, Elastomer Bellows Seals, Metal Bellows Seals, Engineered Seals, Split Seals, Gas-Lubricated Seals and many more.

Each and every Sealmatic mechanical seal is the result of numerous steps involving extensive engineering and thus processing the same in various production steps. Our engineers at Sealmatic work with discipline and passion to maintain high standards in their respective fields. With the use of 3D modelling we ensure optimum performance of application specific mechanical seals. Sealmatic has engineered high-performance products that reliably withstand extreme environments, challenging applications and evolving legislation. No matter how strict the specification or how unique the application, we have the solutions to offer.

Extremely complicated seal faces for Dry Gas Seals are manufactured under a controlled environment deploying sophisticated machines to produce intricate profiles on the seal face.

Long Standing Experience

To maintain our position at the forefront of technological innovation, we continuously test our new designs in real-world environments simulated by our state-of-the-art test rigs. Sealmatic provides a wide range of training courses that cover the correct procedures for installing, operating and maintaining equipment components. With a combination of hands on as well as theoretical training our employees learn about safety, performance, reliability of energy services and industrial process plants including trouble shooting and problem solving enabling them to become experts in their fields. With the deep knowledge of over 70 subjects and intricate designs, we have built a legacy for the future of our company to carry forward the vision of our company.

International Standards

All critical raw material is brought in from the US, Germany and UK from approved sources of various international sealing companies to ensure international standards. We incorporate exotic and high-performance materials to maximize seal life. To avoid human error in CNC programming, CAM software is used to prepare the program and the same is then simulated to check for correctness and suitability before being transferred to interface of the machine for actual use. Each and every Sealmatic mechanical seal is the result of numerous steps involving raw material procurement and thus processing the same in various production steps.

High Quality Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing high-quality sealing systems is all down to exceptional precision, which in turn calls for exact, consistent compliance with the strictest of production standards. From know how to designing, production, testing and the final delivery with utmost priority given to the quality standards set by API, ANSI, ASME and DIN. Sealmatic has consistently invested in state-of-the-art machinery for delivering world class products to its customers.


Optimization of tooling and processes is ensured to control the cost of production so as to make the final product available to the customer at a very competitive price.

Sealmatic has a documented quality management system that is reviewed and audited on a yearly basis. The management is committed to the investment and implementation of various international standards on Quality as well as Environmental Management Systems. Quality is always a priority at Sealmatic.

After the production of the mechanical seal a very precise, rigorous and accurate quality check takes place. At Sealmatic devices that can measure aberrations upto 2 microns are installed to ensure the quality of our mechanical seal isn't compromised.

Each and every component is cleaned in a sterile condition. Primary seal face flatness are conformed within 1-2 helium light bands. Surface finish, where secondary ‘O’ ring or Teflon wedge will ride, is achieved to a maximum of 32 rms, using sophisticated instruments. Proper assembly of the mechanical seals are maintained as per the dimensions of the mechanical seal drawing. After a seal is completely assembled, a static pressure check is conducted as per API 882 standards.

Continuous Training

Our collective knowledge of many years in the sealing industry has helped us create programs that can solve any sealing questions at the click of a button. With the help of sophisticated tools such as Seal Selection Guide and Mechanical Seals Guide, engineers at Sealmatic refer to a rich data bank of voluminous industrial applications, just by entering the product-media name and the requisite operating parameters, Sealmatic can offer tailor made solutions immediately.

Sealmatic has a well laid-out system for upgrading the skills and knowledge level of its employees to effectively utilize advancement in technology. Robust designs are our constant pursuit.

Global Sales & Service

Our aim at Sealmatic is to ensure utmost satisfaction of our customers where we ensure international quality and close proximity. And because our partners are globally located we can be present in person anytime offering engineering services whenever needed. Our customers are spread across all the continents and we are very proud to state that we have 100% retention rate, we have a satisfied base of over 1000 customers across the globe.

Our Legacy

At Sealmatic we care. We ensure that we make each of our production processes safe for our employees and our environment. Each seal produced is a proof of endless dedication and passion each member of Sealmatic has. Today more than 100 associates are part of the Sealmatic family. Where each day becomes a new opportunity, where innovation and creativity meet fine craftsmanship, where knowledge, experience and hard work become the pillars and the vision to globalise becomes the foundation.

Excellence is the result of always striving to be better. At Sealmatic we make it happen !!!!!!!

Environmental, Health & Safety

Sealmatic's management and employees take active participation in establishing and supporting Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy and procedures. By maintaining compliance with applicable EHS laws and regulations Sealmatic strives to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of its employees and others affected by its business operations.

About Us

Sealmatic designs and manufactures mechanical seals and associated products mainly for the oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, power, mining and many more industrial applications.

Today, it provides the most complete selection of engineered mechanical seals and sealing support systems. Sealmatic products are globally recognized as a trusted brand in the process industry.

Sealmatic can help relieve stress and reduce the life cycle costs associated with the most important aspects of plant operation. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality support, Sealmatic services and solutions integrates hydraulic, mechanical and materials engineering knowledge with creative solutions. It improves equipment reliability and system performance, reduces energy consumption and improves the safety and environmental impact of operations.

Sealmatic has a longstanding tradition of providing mechanical seals and sealing services that are trusted by the industry. Sealmatic mechanical seals represent a collection of trusted products that are supported by strong aftermarket services, providing users with both safety and environmental benefits.

Sealmatic mechanical seals are used on a variety of rotating equipment, including pumps, compressors, mixers, steam turbines and other speciality equipment, primarily in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, mineral and ore processing and general industries.

Sealmatic products guarantee highest quality standards & application know-how with full service to its customers.


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