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Mechanical Seals for Pumps

Product Description

  • Balanced
  • Cartridge design
  • Dependent of direction of rotation
  • Integrated pumping device
  • Multiple springs
  • Single seal
  • Stationary spring loaded unit
  • Shrink-fitted seal face


Item No. Description
1.1.1 Seal face
1.1.3 Spring
1.2 Seat
2 Shaft sleeve
6 Cover
9 Assembly fixture
14 Shirnk disk

Technical Features

  • Deformation-optimized seal for highest
    pressure levels
  • Economical due to standardized inner
  • High flexibility due to adaptation of the
    connection parts to the pump seal chamber
  • Insensitive to shaft deflections due to
    stationary design
  • Optimum heat dissipation due to integrated
    pumping device and optimized seat design
  • Only small number of components
  • Pre-assembled unit for quick and easy

Typical Industrial Applications

  • Amines
  • Caustic soda
  • Chemical industry
  • Crude oil
  • Crystallizing media
  • Crude oil feed pumps
  • Hot water
  • Injection pumps
  • Multi-phase pumps
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Process water
  • Refining technology
  • Sour water


API 682 / ISO 21049


Seal face: SiC-C-Si silicon impregnated
carbon (Q3), Carbon graphite antimony
impregnated (A)
Seat: Silicon carbide (Q)
Secondary seals: FKM (V), EPDM (E),
Springs: Hastelloy® C-4 (M)
Metal parts: CrNiMo steel (G), Duplex (G1),
Super Duplex (G4), Titanium (T2),
Hastelloy® C-4 (M)

Performance Capabilities

Sizes: d1* = Upto 250 mm (Upto 10.000’’)
Pressure: p1 = 150 bar (2,175 PSI)
Temperature: t = 300 °C (572 °F)
Speed = 60 m/s (197 ft/s)
Permissible axial movement: ± 3 mm


Standard Cartridge Seals

Mechanical Seals As Per API 682

Split Seals

Engineered Seals For Demanding Applications

Standard Mechanical Seals For Pumps & Compressors

Mechanical Seals For Agitators, Mixers, Kneaders & Reactors

Supply Systems & Components

API 682 / ISO 21049

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