Engineered Seals For Demanding Applications


CE0035 Certification
EC 1935/2004 Certification
CE Certification
Mechanical Seals


Product Description

  • Single and Dual seal configuration
  • Balanced design
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Cartridge construction
  • Stationary design with multiple springs
  • Seat arrangement is designed behind the impeller
  • Seat design is rotary
  • Specially designed sleeve to protect the springs from contamination
  • Variable designs available with guide sleeve for applications with or without quench
Item No. Description
1.1 Seal face
1.2 Sleeve
2 O-Ring
3 Thrust Ring
4 Spring
5 Seat (G11)
6 O-Ring
7 O-Ring
8 Housing

Sealmatic Seals
Sealmatic Seals
Sealmatic Seals
Sealmatic Seals